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Mombasa, Kenya

About us

We are technology company based in Mombasa that manufatures cutting edge alarms (Mulika alarms) and GPS trackers for automobiles.
Our vision is to be a center of innovation and Job creation to the youth and women of Mombasa using emerging technologies.

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What we do

We manufacture innovative cellular-based alarms and GPS tracking solutions for automobile known as Mulika GSM alarms and Mulika trackers respectively.

Why we do it

To offer "peace of mind" to our customers by offering cutting edge technologies that are highly innovative and sustainable. We believe we can develop solutions in Africa for Africans!

Dennis Onkangi
CEO Nupola Technologies


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Our Amazing Team

We have an amazing team with over 5 years of experience in specific fileds that enables us to offer effective services

Kennedy Muisyo

Chief marketting officer

Edwin Maywa

Electrical Engineer

Joseph Matheka

Software Engineer

We manufature Mulika alarms and GPS tracking solutions